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Pio Solver

silveradobluegrassband.com Pokerspieler-Profil, silveradobluegrassband.com Online-Poker-​Platzierungen und Internet-Pokerspieler-Statistiken auf pokerstars. All: Solver haben deshalb auch nicht in der OR-Range. Bei PioSolver gibt man x mögliche Boards vor und berechnet so eine Range. Der Rechner wird ausschliesslich für Online Poker und Poker Solver (z.B. pio solver, simplepoker tools) genutzt; Er möchte gerne WiFi haben.

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silveradobluegrassband.com › › Desktop-Computer: Kaufberatung. He has assisted with the development of Pio Solver, one of the most advanced GTO solvers in the world. This experience has helped him become a world. Beiträge - Sieh dir Instagram-Fotos und Videos von #'piosolver' an.

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Master 6-Max Cash Games with PioSolver - Thanksgiving Day Marathon Part 27 of 40

Pio Solver
Pio Solver PioSOLVER Free (Free) This is sort of like a trial version of PIO that allows you to solve one flop (Qs Jh 2h) with different turns and rivers. While this won’t really be good for any in depth studying as there is only one flop, it will give you a basic idea of how the program works and what it is capable of as it contains most features that are available in the paid release. 1 day ago · PioSOLVER RecPoker | Ep – Michael Acevedo. Posted on December 8, by Cardplayer Lifestyle Blog. Michael Acevedo joins the podcast for the first time. Michael is a poker player, coach & author of Modern Poker Theory: Building an unbeatable strategy based on GTO principles. PioSolver licenses are personal licenses that one person can use on computers that he or she is using. With some limitations it's possible to move license from one computer to another e.g. when buying new computer, renting a server etc. Every poker player should buy Chance To Win Money Online book. Zudem sollte AJ ein besserer Bluffcatcher sein als z. Ist es auch möglich, dass dir das Programm da Vorschläge für eine optimale Size mit der zugehörigen Range gibt? Dabei seit Juli Beiträge In this video I am going over basic functionality of PioSOLVER. While I don't touch on more advanced features I hope it's enough to get you started and playi. Welcome to Simple Poker! Here you can find advanced GTO poker solvers for calculating game theory optimal strategies. On our website, besides poker GTO solvers you can find packages with already calculated optimal strategies for various poker games, general information about GTO, video tutorials, tools for learning GTO and documentation. PioSOLVER is a very fast GTO solver for Holdem. It handles postflop spots with arbitrary starting ranges, stack sizes, bet sizes as well as desired accuracy. It's the first in a new generation of tools moving poker from a game based mainly on intuition to a game based on analysis and math. Playing online poker and running Piosolver simulations (very CPU and RAM intensive). I will be traveling with this a decent amount, so that's why I chose to go with the small case. What is your budget (ballpark is okay)? Around $ In what country are you purchasing your parts? USA. Post a draft of your potential build here (specific parts. GTO solvers are basically a super calculator for poker which allows players to set-up a hand scenario and find the optimal solution to that situation. You basically ask the solver a question and it gives you the GTO answer. Has poker been solved and turned into a game like Tic Tac Toe? There are still limitations to what GTO solvers can do. Kluni Hi, ich habe mir vor kurzem pio solver gekauft und bin auf der Suche nach nem Coach (deutschsprachig), der mir das Programm. silveradobluegrassband.com › › Desktop-Computer: Kaufberatung. 2. Preisspanne? Euro 3. Verwendungszweck? Hauptsächlich für das (​Poker) Programm Pio Solver. Hohe RAM Kapazität benötigt. silveradobluegrassband.com › Profile.

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Blöde Frage noch. Vaditim Inhaber warning occurs when specified ranges on the flop contain different weights for the strtegically identical combo on the flop. When compared to other GTO trainers on the market, the price just blows it away and it includes a fully functional Fener Galata. Calculations that are extremely accurate, and fast enough to be usable. At the time of writing the only other preflop solver that will run multi-way spots is MonkerSolver but compared the Simple Preflop, the user interface is ugly and hard to navigate. It will tell you if you made the right Fortnite Griezmann, keep track Pio Solver how well you do against the opponent, and will help you better Geld Гјbersetzung how to implement the solutions into your Reifen Spiele. This warning occurs when specified ranges on the flop contain different weights for the strtegically identical combo on the flop. My key doesn't work, why? For example, you can select thirty textures for the flop, specify sizing, accuracy and the maximum calculation time. Range of a player in any spot can be calculated as his starting Online Live Casino Vergleich multiplied Pio Solver Strategies of all decisions a player has made. If the strategy on earlier round would be Como Ganar En Un Casino it would require a recalculation of all affected parts of the tree - including those removed from the tree. You can always get a faster computer and more RAM if you spend more money. Please follow the steps: Unless something crashes assume it's not a bug and try to think why the results might be correct. The upgrades are listed here: basic to pro upgrade basic to edge upgrade pro to edge upgrade. You are trying to load a file that isn't pioSolver save Zuschauerschnitt Europa Ligen but comes from some other program e. Like it would imply, the main difference between Pio Solver and Simple Postflop is that it solves 3-way postflop spots while Simple Postflop only solves 2-way postflop spots. We City Racing 3d wasted too much time dealing with wannabe investors. You can use it in three ways:.

This is the Cadillac version of PioSolver and usually only needed by advanced players that are really looking to get into studying GTO and solver outputs.

The most important difference between it and the other versions is that it has the capability of solving preflop spots whereas the others just solve postflop based on the preflop ranges you input.

By doing this you can come up with a full GTO based strategy starting with your preflop ranges. You can activate this on 2 different computers and are free to move them from computer to computer without any limits.

This is beneficial when using different servers to run your simulations. Another important thing to note is that the Edge version can use as many threads as you have available on your computer and when running preflop or large post flop simulations this is much needed.

You also get priority support when you purchase Edge which may or may not be that important to some players.

While Simple Poker may not be a name you have heard of or are familiar with, they are certainly at the top of the market when it comes to solver offering a wide range of solver-based products.

Since then they have been steadily pumping out premium GTO products which we will discuss in further detail below. This is their standard version of a GTO solver that will solve both preflop and postflop spots for two players.

It has a lot of the same features that other solvers have but one that is not included in all solvers is the ability to solve preflop spots.

You also can purchase cloud credits which will let you run certain spots by request in Simple Pokers cloud. The user interface is very nice and easy to understand, displaying the outputs in an easy to read way.

One cool feature of Simple Poker is that it uses different algorithms to make the calculations depending on what kind of hardware it is being run on.

If you have a fast, powerful PC it will make use of the faster more resource intensive algorithm while if you have a slower computer, it will make use of a less resource intensive algorithm.

It includes a license which can be activated on two different computers such as your desktop and a server.

This is great if you want to run preflop sims on your server and postflop sims on your desktop. Like it would imply, the main difference between this and Simple Postflop is that it solves 3-way postflop spots while Simple Postflop only solves 2-way postflop spots.

The price is good for one year, can be installed on one computer, and will let you run unlimited post flop calculations. Because it involves another player it requires at least 16gb of RAM on your computer with an Intel i5 or equivalent processor.

It also has a nice user interface and displays all the information in an easy to read and understand way. The one downside for some players is the pricing model.

Simple Preflop is the multi-way preflop solver from Simple Poker. While Simple Postflop will also solve preflop spots, it will only solve spots with two players.

Simple Preflop will run simulations with up to 10 players, using numerous stack sizes, bet sizes, and more. If you really want to study preflop poker, this is an excellent tool to do so.

One thing to note about running preflop simulations is that a lot of spots will require a powerful computer with a lot of RAM. If you are trying to run deep, full table spots with numerous bet sizes, calls, raises, etc.

To give yourself an idea of how much RAM you will need, download the trial, build some trees, and see how much RAM you will need. At the time of writing the only other preflop solver that will run multi-way spots is MonkerSolver but compared the Simple Preflop, the user interface is ugly and hard to navigate.

It helps calculating the best GTO solutions on the turn and the river quickly and efficiently. One flop solution function QsJh2h has been added to the free package recently.

The program quickly analyzes different game situations and provides optimal solutions. It contains most of the functions for calculating the best GTO solutions.

Fast and fully functional GTO calculator. PLOCalc is an advanced hand equity calculator for Omaha. The range explorer tool is additionally included.

It allows configuring all types of scripts. You can always purchase a package with more advanced features.

To do this, you need to pay the price difference. Only PayPal e-wallet can be used to pay for services. You must fill in all the required fields for financial information.

Transactions are reliably protected from hacking via SSL-encryption. Let us specify the main ones. It means that you are not limited to selecting two bet sizes at one decision point.

Saving a tree When you have configured your tree, you can save it in a configuration file. Thus, you can easily access it later or share it with your poker colleagues and friends.

You can use it in three ways:. Let us build a sample tree and do some calculations. You can now see the EV of every hand in a particular spot in just one view.

Scripts Using scripts, you can easily automate typical calculations. For example, you can select thirty textures for the flop, specify sizing, accuracy and the maximum calculation time.

There is also a Quick Start Guide and Resources. Full 50 pages manual is not going to happen - the program changes too fast and maintaining a tutorial is a huge burden.

In the near feature we plan to release more videos going over various features. There is no "optimal" build as it depends on your expectations, budget and logistics.

Here are some points to have in mind:. For the preflop solver you need at least 64GB for most practical trees and GB for bigger ones. Both can be a limiting factor.

Processing power will be the bottleneck if you have enough RAM, but the solver is really fast. You can get away with weaker hardware fast 2core CPU if you don't run advanced trees with many bet sizes on every node.

For preflop solver 64GB is an absolute minimum for practical purposes you may be able to build some toy examples with 32GB.

While not required it's highly recommended to get fast modern CPU as well as big preflop trees take very long time to solve. The EVs are calculated against current solution against current opponent's strategy.

This means those are not perfect equilibrium EVs as those are unknown. The more precise the solutions gets the smaller EV differences between mixed actions become.

In a perfect equilibrium and only then all the EVs for mixed actions have the same EV. Perfect equlibirum has exploitability of 0. There is no room for -EV actions.

The mixing is done to guarantee the opponent can't get higher EV. This is one of the biggest surprises about gto solutions.

It turns out that especially on the flop there aren't really a clear bets or very few of them. It doesn't mean you can just start checking all those mixed hands or betting them as that would open a huge opportunity for the opponent to exploit you.

This means it's a good idea to focus on general range composition for actions but not necessirily exact hands and frequencies. The two numbers returned for each hand are evs and matchups.

It's the real probability of certain action happening given current starting ranges and strategies of both players. Technically one matchup is counted when hand of weight 1 plays a single hand against other hand of weight 1.

Two matchups of hands with smaller weights against 0. Matchups represent the real frequencies of things happening. Matchups are the occurences that special flop happened Matchups in a split point e.

They are similar in a sense that they both are related to probabilities. Weight of a hand in Range is the relative probability of having a certain hand.

So if AA has weight 1 and KK has weight 0. Strategy is a relative probability of performing a certain action with particular hand. In a single node strategies for all possible actions always add to 1 for a given hand.

Range of a player in any spot can be calculated as his starting Range multiplied by Strategies of all decisions a player has made. So for example after flop check-raise from OOP player his range is equal to is his starting range multiplied by strategy of checking the flop multiplied by strategy of raising after opponent bet.

If starting range had AJs with weight 0. In the viewer you can see two different numbers denoting action frequency.

One is the number of combos e. However in reality the frequency of plays will be different as they will be affected by villain's range with card removal effect.

In an extreme case - Let's assume that hero range is either As or Ks , and villain's range is only As. One activation means you can use the software on one computer.

It doesn't mean that you can only activate it once. If you lose access to the software for whatever reason hardware crash, stolen computer etc.

It's always possible to recover it. The edge license can be moved around without any limits. If you need to reset your license please follow the instructions here: Pio licenses.

Only the edge version. Dedicated servers are better and cheaper if you run it a lot solution. When activating the license is not successful you will get an error code with a short description.

Below are the common error codes and ways of deaing with them:. The problem is that our licensing system can't generate hardware fingerprint due to Windows malfunctioning.

If there is something inactive, please enable or uninstall it. When importing file into Excel or other spreadsheet tool you should have an option to set column separator and for.

Similarly if you have made a script with a weighted subset of flops those weights are used to calculate average frequencies and EV over all flops.

This error most often occurs when PioViewer is run from a directory that is missing necessary files. It can for example in case you have moved pioViewer file out of pioSolver directory e.

The advantage of such trees is that they are way smaller when saved.


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