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EXPLORING MALTA - A Unique Mediterranean Island

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Malta je skupina otokov v osrednjem Sredozemskem morju. Sneg je v zadnjih letih padal samo trikrat: februarja , januarja in marca Prvi prebivalci so okrog leta pr.

Okrog leta pr. Po padcu Fenicije okrog leta pr. Med punskimi vojnami — pr. Otok se je takrat imenoval Melita.

Dogodki so opisani v Apostolskih delih v Novi zavezi. Malta je bila pod bizantinsko oblastjo celih let, vendar je o tem obdobju zelo malo znano.

Malta in Sicilija sta postali del Sicilijanskega emirata, kateremu so od leta vladali Fatimidi. Cesar Friderik II. Zaradi vojne Karla I.

The rounded bays at Xlendi and Dwejra on the west coast of Gozo originated as underground caverns with roofs that have collapsed. The island of Malta possesses favourable conditions for the percolation and underground storage of water.

The impermeable blue clays provide two distinct water tables between the limestone formations—the perched and the mean sea-level aquifer.

The principal source for the public supply of water has for several centuries been the main sea-level water table. The absence of permanent streams or lakes and a considerable runoff into the sea, however, have made water supply a problem, which has been addressed with an intensive reverse-osmosis desalination program.

Mainly young or immature and thin, Maltese soils generally lack humus, and a high carbonate content gives them alkaline properties.

Human settlement and construction developments have altered the distribution and composition of soils. The Fertile Soil Preservation Act of requires that, when soils are removed from construction sites, they be taken to agricultural areas, and level stretches in quarries are often covered with carted soil.

Malta Article Media Additional Info. Its many cities and towns grew close to each other over time. Maltese is the national language of Malta.

Maltese and English are the official languages in line with the constitution of the country. A majority of the people of Malta can speak three languages; Maltese, English and Italian.

Malta had its own currency , called the Maltese Lira until The Maltese Lira was better known as the Maltese Pound because of the strong links to the United Kingdom.

One Maltese Lira consisted of cents. In Malta joined the Euro countries in adopting the Euro as the National Currency. People have lived in Malta since at least BC.

The island has some key archaeological sites dating from early times. Malta became well known as the base of the Knights Hospitaller.

They moved to Malta after being forced to leave Palestine and then Rhodes , in Greece. It also operated two smaller buses for an intra- Valletta route only and 61 nine-metre buses, which were used to ease congestion on high-density routes.

Overall Arriva Malta operated buses. On 1 January Arriva ceased operations in Malta due to financial difficulties, having been nationalised as Malta Public Transport by the Maltese government, with a new bus operator planned to take over their operations in the near future.

With lower fares than the walk-on rate, it can be topped up online. The card was initially not well received, as reported by several local news sites.

From to Malta had a railway line that connected Valletta to the army barracks at Mtarfa via Mdina and a number of towns and villages.

The railway fell into disuse and eventually closed altogether, following the introduction of electric trams and buses.

The ferry makes numerous runs each day. Malta International Airport Ajruport Internazzjonali ta' Malta is the only airport serving the Maltese islands.

It is built on the land formerly occupied by the RAF Luqa air base. A heliport is also located there, but the scheduled service to Gozo ceased in The heliport in Gozo is at Xewkija.

Since June , Harbour Air Malta has operated a thrice-daily floatplane service between the sea terminal in Grand Harbour and Mgarr Harbour in Gozo.

Today, Ta' Qali houses a national park, stadium , the Crafts Village visitor attraction and the Malta Aviation Museum. This museum preserves several aircraft, including Hurricane and Spitfire fighters that defended the island in the Second World War.

The national airline is Air Malta , which is based at Malta International Airport and operates services to 36 destinations in Europe and North Africa.

The owners of Air Malta are the Government of Malta 98 percent and private investors 2 percent. Air Malta employs 1, staff.

It has a 25 percent shareholding in Medavia. Air Malta has concluded over interline ticketing agreements with other IATA airlines.

It also has a codeshare agreement with Qantas covering three routes. In September , Air Malta made two agreements with Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways by which Air Malta wet-leased two Airbus aircraft to Etihad Airways for the winter period starting 1 September , and provided operational support on another Airbus A aircraft which it leased to Etihad Airways.

Telephone and cellular subscriber numbers have eight digits. There are no area codes in Malta, but after inception, the original first two numbers, and currently [ when?

Fixed line telephone numbers have the prefix 21 and 27, although businesses may have numbers starting 22 or Mobile telephone numbers have the prefix 77, 79, 98 or The number of pay-TV subscribers fell as customers switched to Internet Protocol television IPTV : the number of IPTV subscribers doubled in the six months to June Malta has produced collectors' coins with face value ranging from 10 to 50 euros.

These coins continue an existing national practice of minting of silver and gold commemorative coins. Unlike normal issues, these coins are not accepted in all the eurozone.

From its introduction in until the introduction of the Euro in , the currency was the Maltese lira , which had replaced the Maltese pound.

The pound replaced the Maltese scudo in Malta is a popular tourist destination, with 1. Tourism infrastructure has increased dramatically over the years and a number of hotels are present on the island, although overdevelopment and the destruction of traditional housing is of growing concern.

An increasing number of Maltese now travel abroad on holiday. In recent years, Malta has advertised itself as a medical tourism destination, [] and a number of health tourism providers are developing the industry.

However, no Maltese hospital has undergone independent international healthcare accreditation. Malta is popular with British medical tourists, [] pointing Maltese hospitals towards seeking UK-sourced accreditation, such as with the Trent Accreditation Scheme.

Malta signed a co-operation agreement with the European Space Agency ESA for more-intensive co-operation in ESA projects.

Most science students in Malta graduate from the University of Malta and are represented by S-Cubed Science Student's Society , UESA University Engineering Students Association and ICTSA University of Malta ICT Students' Association.

Malta conducts a census of population and housing every ten years. The census held in November counted an estimated 96 percent of the population.

Native Maltese people make up the majority of the island. However, there are minorities, the largest of which are Britons , many of whom are retirees.

The only census year showing a fall in population was that of , with a 1. All censuses since have shown a slight excess of females over males.

The and censuses came closest to recording a balance. The highest female-to-male ratio was reached in but since then the ratio has dropped continuously.

The census showed a female-to-male ratio. The birth rate stood at a decrease of The population's age composition is similar to the age structure prevalent in the EU.

Since there was observed a trend indicating an ageing population, and is expected to continue in the foreseeable future.

Malta's old-age-dependency-ratio rose from Malta's old-age-dependency-ratio is expected to continue rising steadily in the coming years. Maltese legislation recognises both civil and canonical ecclesiastical marriages.

Annulments by the ecclesiastical and civil courts are unrelated and are not necessarily mutually endorsed. Malta voted in favour of divorce legislation in a referendum held on 28 May A person must be 16 to marry.

There is a constant trend that females are more likely than males to marry young. In there were 51 brides aged between 16 and 19, compared to 8 grooms.

In , the population of the Maltese Islands stood at , Males make up The total fertility rate TFR as of [update] was estimated at 1.

The Maltese language Maltese : Malti is one of the two constitutional languages of Malta, having become official, however, only in , and being considered as the national language.

Previously, Sicilian was the official and cultural language of Malta from the 12th century, and the Tuscan dialect of Italian from the 16th century.

Alongside Maltese, English is also an official language of the country and hence the laws of the land are enacted both in Maltese and English.

However, article 74 of the Constitution states that " Maltese is a Semitic language descended from the now extinct Sicilian-Arabic Siculo-Arabic dialect from southern Italy that developed during the Emirate of Sicily.

Maltese is the only Semitic language with official status in the European Union. Maltese has a Semitic base with substantial borrowing from Sicilian , Italian, a little French, and more recently and increasingly, English.

The language includes different dialects that can vary greatly from one town to another or from one island to another.

Also, 88 percent of the population speak English, 66 percent speak Italian, and 17 percent speak French. A study collecting public opinion on what language was "preferred" discovered that 86 percent of the population express a preference for Maltese, 12 percent for English, and 2 percent for Italian.

Maltese Sign Language is used by signers in Malta. Religion in Malta [4]. The predominant religion in Malta is Catholicism.

The second article of the Constitution of Malta establishes Catholicism as the state religion and it is also reflected in various elements of Maltese culture , although entrenched provisions for the freedom of religion are made.

There are more than churches in Malta, Gozo, and Comino, or one church for every 1, residents. This civic pride manifests itself in spectacular fashion during the local village festas , which mark the day of the patron saint of each parish with marching bands, religious processions, special Masses , fireworks especially petards and other festivities.

Malta is an Apostolic See ; the Acts of the Apostles tells of how St. Paul , on his way from Jerusalem to Rome to face trial, was shipwrecked on the island of "Melite", which many Bible scholars identify with Malta, an episode dated around AD Paul spent three months on the island on his way to Rome, curing the sick including the father of Publius, the "chief man of the island".

Various traditions are associated with this account. The shipwreck is said to have occurred in the place today known as St Paul's Bay.

The Maltese saint, Saint Publius is said to have been made Malta's first bishop and a grotto in Rabat , now known as "St Paul's Grotto" and in the vicinity of which evidence of Christian burials and rituals from the 3rd century AD has been found , is among the earliest known places of Christian worship on the island.

Further evidence of Christian practices and beliefs during the period of Roman persecution appears in catacombs that lie beneath various sites around Malta, including St.

Paul's Catacombs and St. Agatha's Catacombs in Rabat, just outside the walls of Mdina. The latter, in particular, were frescoed between and , although invading Turks defaced many of them in the s.

Luke painted a picture of the Madonna. It has been a place of pilgrimage since the medieval period. The Acts of the Council of Chalcedon record that in AD a certain Acacius was Bishop of Malta Melitenus Episcopus.

It is also known that in AD, a certain Constantinus, Episcopus Melitenensis , was present at the Fifth Ecumenical Council.

In AD, Pope Gregory I deposed Tucillus, Miletinae civitatis episcopus and the clergy and people of Malta elected his successor Trajan in AD. The last recorded Bishop of Malta before the invasion of the islands was a Greek named Manas, who was subsequently incarcerated at Palermo.

Maltese historian Giovanni Francesco Abela states that following their conversion to Christianity at the hand of St. Paul , the Maltese retained their Christian religion, despite the Fatimid invasion.

Since all bishops of Malta have been Maltese. As a result of the Norman and Spanish periods, and the rule of the Knights, Malta became the devout Catholic nation that it is today.

It is worth noting that the Office of the Inquisitor of Malta had a very long tenure on the island following its establishment in the last Inquisitor departed from the Islands in after the Knights capitulated to the forces of Napoleon Bonaparte.

During the period of the Republic of Venice , several Maltese families emigrated to Corfu. Their descendants account for about two-thirds of the community of some 4, Catholics that now live on that island.

The patron saints of Malta are Saint Paul , Saint Publius , and Saint Agatha. Pope Benedict XVI canonised Preca on 3 June A number of Maltese individuals are recognised as Blessed , including Maria Adeodata Pisani and Nazju Falzon , with Pope John Paul II having beatified them in Various Catholic religious orders are present in Malta, including the Jesuits , Franciscans , Dominicans , Carmelites and Little Sisters of the Poor.

Most congregants of the local Protestant churches are not Maltese; their congregations draw on the many British retirees living in the country and vacationers from many other nations.

There include St. Andrew's Scots Church in Valletta a joint Presbyterian and Methodist congregation and St Paul's Anglican Cathedral. The members of these churches are mainly Maltese.

There are also a Seventh-day Adventist church in Birkirkara , and a New Apostolic Church congregation founded in in Gwardamangia. The Jewish population of Malta reached its peak in the Middle Ages under Norman rule.

In , Malta and Sicily came under Aragonese rule and the Alhambra Decree of forced all Jews to leave the country, permitting them to take with them only a few of their belongings.

Several dozen Maltese Jews may have converted to Christianity at the time to remain in the country.

Today, there is one Jewish congregation. There is one Muslim mosque, the Mariam Al-Batool Mosque. A Muslim primary school recently opened.

Of the estimated 3, Muslims in Malta , approximately 2, are foreigners, approximately are naturalised citizens, and approximately are native-born Maltese.

In a survey held by the Malta Today , the overwhelming majority of the Maltese population adheres to Christianity According to the same report, 4.

Non-religious people have a higher risk of suffering from discrimination, such as lack of trust by society and unequal treatment by institutions.

In the edition of the annual Freedom of Thought Report from the International Humanist and Ethical Union , Malta was in the category of "severe discrimination".

In , following the abolishment of blasphemy law , Malta was shifted to the category of "systematic discrimination" which is the same category as most EU countries.

Most of the foreign community in Malta, predominantly active or retired British nationals and their dependents, is centred on Sliema and surrounding modern suburbs.

Other smaller foreign groups include Italians, Libyans, and Serbians, many of whom have assimilated into the Maltese nation over the decades.

Malta is also home to a large number of foreign workers who migrated to the island to try and earn a better living. This migration was driven pre-dominantly at a time where the Maltese economy was steadily booming yet the cost and quality of living on the island remained relatively stable.

In recent years however the local Maltese housing index has doubled [] pushing property and rental prices to very high and almost unaffordable levels in the Maltese islands with the slight exception of Gozo.

Salaries in Malta have risen very slowly and very marginally over the years making life on the island much harder than it was a few years ago.

As a direct result, a significant level of uncertainty exists among expats in Malta as to whether their financial situation on the island will remain affordable in the years going forth, with many already barely living paycheck to paycheck and others re-locating to other European countries altogether.

Since the late 20th century, Malta has become a transit country for migration routes from Africa towards Europe. As a member of the European Union and of the Schengen Agreement , Malta is bound by the Dublin Regulation to process all claims for asylum by those asylum seekers that enter EU territory for the first time in Malta.

The compulsory detention policy has been denounced by several NGOs, and in July , the European Court of Human Rights found that Malta's detention of migrants was arbitrary, lacking in adequate procedures to challenge detention, and in breach of its obligations under the European Convention on Human Rights.

Concerns as to whether the Maltese citizenship scheme is allowing an influx of such individuals into the greater European Union have been raised by both the public as well as the European Council on multiple occasions.

On 8 September , Amnesty International criticized Malta for "illegal tactics" in the Mediterranean, against immigrants who were attempting to cross from North Africa.

The reports claimed that the government's approach might have led to avoidable deaths. In the 19th century, most emigration from Malta was to North Africa and the Middle East, although rates of return migration to Malta were high.

By , for example, British consular estimates suggest that there were 15, Maltese in Tunisia , and in it was claimed that 15, people of Maltese origin were living in Algeria.

Malta experienced significant emigration as a result of the collapse of a construction boom in and after the Second World War, when the birth rate increased significantly, but in the 20th century, most emigrants went to destinations in the New World , particularly to Australia, Canada, and the United States.

After the Second World War, Malta's Emigration Department would assist emigrants with the cost of their travel. Between and , 30 percent of the population emigrated.

Emigration dropped dramatically after the mids and has since ceased to be a social phenomenon of significance. However, since Malta joined the EU in expatriate communities emerged in a number of European countries particularly in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Primary schooling has been compulsory since ; secondary education up to the age of sixteen was made compulsory in The state and the Church provide education free of charge, both running a number of schools in Malta and Gozo , including De La Salle College in Cospicua , St.

Aloysius' College in Birkirkara , St. Paul's Missionary College in Rabat, Malta , St. Joseph's School in Blata l-Bajda and Saint Monica Girls' School in Mosta and Saint Augustine College , with its primary sector in Marsa and its secondary in Pieta.

As of [update] , state schools are organised into networks known as Colleges and incorporate kindergarten schools, primary and secondary schools. Martin's College in Swatar and St.

Catherine's High School, Pembroke offers an International Foundation Course for students wishing to learn English before entering mainstream education.

As of [update] , there are two international schools, Verdala International School and QSI Malta. The state pays a portion of the teachers' salary in Church schools.

Education in Malta is based on the British model. Primary school lasts six years. Pupils sit for SEC O-level examinations at the age of 16, with passes obligatory in certain subjects such as Mathematics, a minimum of one science subject Physics, Biology or Chemistry , English and Maltese.

Upon obtaining these subjects, Pupils may opt to continue studying at a sixth form college such as Gan Frangisk Abela Junior College , St.

Aloysius' College , Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary, De La Salle College , St Edward's College, or else at another post-secondary institution such as MCAST.

The sixth form course lasts for two years, at the end of which students sit for the matriculation examination. Subject to their performance, students may then apply for an undergraduate degree or diploma.

The adult literacy rate is Maltese and English are both used to teach pupils at the primary and secondary school level, and both languages are also compulsory subjects.

Public schools tend to use both Maltese and English in a balanced manner. Private schools prefer to use English for teaching, as is also the case with most departments of the University of Malta ; this has a limiting effect on the capacity and development of the Maltese language.

Of the total number of pupils studying a first foreign language at secondary level, 51 per cent take Italian whilst 38 per cent take French.

Other choices include German, Russian, Spanish, Latin, Chinese and Arabic. Malta is brewed worldwide, and is popular in many parts of Africa like Nigeria which has its own first malt brand - Maltex in It is also sold in Chad , Ghana , Benin , Cameroon and around the Indian Ocean.

Malta Guinness is brewed under licence internationally. Some native Malzbiere is available in Germany, notably in Cologne , where the taps of breweries Malzmühle and Sion sell it alongside their traditional Kölsch.

Many German breweries have a malta in their range, sometimes produced under licence for example Vitamalz.

Malta is also occasionally called "champagne cola" by some brands. Create a Trip to save and organize all of your travel ideas, and see them on a map.

Create a Trip. Saint Julian's, Malta. Mellieha, Malta. Sliema, Malta. Valletta, Malta. Paul's Bay, Malta. Qawra, Malta. Bugibba, Malta. Xlendi, Malta.

Xaghra, Malta. Marsalforn, Malta.

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Zusammen mit den meisten, Malta KriminalitГ¤t Gewinne mГssen x-mal Malta KriminalitГ¤t werden. - Spielsucht Soll Kripomann In KriminalitГ¤t Getrieben Haben

Paquetes de Vacaciones.

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Wir spielen Handball - und du? Malta is a country in Europe. It is an island near the center of the Mediterranean Sea, south of Sicily. The capital of Malta is Valletta. Around , people live in Malta and it is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Its many cities and towns grew close to each other over time. MaltaMenu Limited is using the EMI services of IPS Solutions Ltd. IPS Solutions Ltd is a company incorporated under the laws of Cyprus with registration number HE and with registered office at 73 Metochiou Nicosia, Cyprus. This video takes us on a journey to discover an island of contrasts and surprises: lounging on’s pool beach to discovering the colourful.


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